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RE: OSCAR 16 TNC - How to RX with MixW 2.03

Hello John

> I notice that auto tracking of the signal does not seem to be enabled
> for VHF Packet and I am having to tune for doppler by hand.

Yes that's how I do it - never got around to working out how of if the
program supports this in this mode.

>  I am getting
> better with practice and wondered if this is the problem, though I would
> have expected the odd bit to be decoded.

Trick here is to try to keep the thickest line around the 1200Hz waterfall
marker, and keep the * permanently on by the DCD annunciator.

>  To say the least the doppler
> shift on 70cm is fierce.

You got that right.

> Any pointers as to what else to try to get it working would be welcomed.

It's much easier at the start/end of the pass when the Doppler has calmed
down somewhat.

The Instructions I gave really were a clean install I put together just
before writing the mail and are almost verbatim the instructions given to me
by Nick who developed MixW. I'd not used the program since last April, so I
was pretty rusty myself! However I did receive about a dozen or more packets
on the first pass.

What's your receive setup, and is the signal strong?

> John, trying to receive his first data from a digital satellite.

It is a bit like riding a bicycle: once you've done it and you have the
knack you wonder what all the fuss was about.

73 Howard G6LVB

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