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New Satellite Antenna, Mast, Rotator

The following were gathered for a project I won't be able to complete.
Here's your chance for great satellite access!

1)Complete, as-new Yaesu G-5400B azimuth/elevation rotator, never
mounted outdoors, used briefly in attic, with separation kit.  Bight and
shiny, works perfectly, comes with manual and 120' 8-conductor cable.
Cost $700, will sell for $495 + shipping.

2)Complete, new, never used K5GNA 2.4ghz antenna/downconverter/preamp
package. 3' "barbecue grill" dish + ready-to-go, modified AIDC 3733
downconverter with 2.4ghz=2m IF, 2400-2800 narrow passband Murata
filter, and built-in two-stage preamp with 1.4db or better noise
figure.  All pieces tested and ready for simple plug-n-play access to
2.4ghz. Cost $185, will sell for $125 + shipping.

3) New, never used 8' hollow fiberglass boom.  Square, 1" on a side,
light weight, ideal for horizontal mounting on elevation rotator.  $25 +

Total cost to me was over $900.  I would PREFER TO SELL ALL AS A
PACKAGE, and will do so for $595 + shipping.
Tks es 73!! Jan N0JR

"There is no end to what you can accomplish
if you don't care who gets the credit."

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