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Re: UO-22 NOT digipeated

Hi Johann, Ron, Mineo!

I tried the last several days to copy from and digi via UO-22. But without 
any success! 

> For interested parties you can view the collected temperature
> wind and solar plots at www.thistle.org/Wx2000/B1_Wx.htm
Ron, thanks for this good idea to present the data on your webpage. I'll try 
to copy the rawdata from internet and convert the temperature data from °F to 
°C ......  ;-)) 

> > Try using the 145.975 MHz uplink.  According to Chris Jackson the
> > other one gets deaf when the onboard temperature exceeds a certain
> > threshold.  UO-22 is currently in a dawn-dusk orbit that leads to
> > increased temperatures.
> >
No success with 145.975 here in JN57rg!

73 de Wolf, oe7ftj

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