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RS-13 Mode-T Frequencies

I have previously noted the RS-12 mode-A transponder was off by about 3 kHz 
from the published frequencies.  It seems the RS-13 mode-T transponder is off 
by approximately the same amount.  At AOS, the uplink is -6.5 kHz from the 
published "middle" frequency at and at LOS the uplink is -0.5 kHz from the 
"middle" frequency.  To illustrate:

AOS downlink at 145.880 = 21.273.5 MHz
TCA downlink at 145.880 = 21.276.5 MHz
LOS downlink at 145.880 = 21.279.5 MHz.

If you operate SPLIT mode, like with an FT-100/817 or IC-706/746, then (as an 
example) fixing your uplink at 21.280 MHz will provide a downlink from 
145.886.5 at AOS, down to 145.880.5 at LOS. 

Jerry, K5OE

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