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Re: Need Help re RS-15

>Can a current user of RS-15 help Joe regarding the present status.

Joe, I haven't used it in months, but I am sure you will hear from someone
here...Good luck, and have fun!

>I printed out your material re RS-15 on the AMSAT web site, and using the 
>NOVA tracking
>program I believe found RS-15.
>I say that 'cause all I could copy was apparently the BEACON on 29.352 mHz 
>which sounded as a tone
>transmitted for ~ 2 sec on and 2 sec off.  It had a slight down drift as 
>the pass progressed (pass was at
>01:19 - 01:42 utc.
>I'm using a Kenwood TS-950 SD to receive it using an all-band 
>dipole.  Haven't fired up the 2 meter xmtr
>yet (old Kenwood TS-700A I picked up a the Orlando, FL. Hamfest earlier 
>this month).
>If I was, indeed, hearing the Beacon (didn't hear anything on 29.399 tho), 
>shouldn't I have heard some one
>in QSO between 29.354 and 29.398??.
>I'm new to this - just getting my feet wet with the Sats. - did join AMSAT 
>Hope you and advise me.

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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