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Saturday three high altitude ham balloons to be launched simultaneously in US

An exciting weekend for amateur radio ballooning in the USA 
coming up with three events possible.  Projects in Arizona, 
Colorado, and Iowa will be launching balloon payloads Saturday 
morning 1600 UTC (or Sunday if bad weather interferes).

All will have APRS, Colorado and Arizona will have ATV and FM 
crossband repeaters onboard.  

The Arizona team will attempt to link with the ISS:

   ANSR-5 will attempt a Ballooon to International Space 
   Station to Earth (B-ISS-E) digipeat of our APRS packets.  
   The pass over Arizona starts just before 1700 UTC and during 
   the pass the balloon package will transmit its position on 
   20-30 sec intervals on the uplink frequency of 145.990 MHz.  
   Listen on the downlink frequency of 145.800 for digipeats 
   of our signal. 

For all the details about frequencies, call letters, etc., 
please see these links:

  ANSR Arizona     http://www.ansr.org/flightannounce.html

  EOSS Colorado    http://www.eoss.org/flight/index.html

  NSTAR Nebraska   http://members.cox.net/mconner1/nstar.html#Next
  (launching from

Most of these launch notices and others as they become known
are collected at one balloon website for convenience:

  HABLIC    http://www.geocities.com/n1ltv/hablic.htm

Comprehensive amateur balloon information and resources are
on the AMSAT webage:


Hank Riley, N1LTV

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