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RE: OSCAR 16 TNC - How to RX with MixW 2.03

Hello again Ken

> Are there any soundcard programs available for receiving the downlink?

Here's a few packets I got out of MixW 2.03 tonight listening to AO-16:

PHT: uptime is 740/17:39:22.  Time is Fri Feb 22 21:22:44 2002

January 2002
Happy 12th Birthday to AO16 and LO19
S-Band OFF, Digipeater ON
Uplinks on 145.900 .920 .940 .960
AO-16 Pacsat owned and operated by AMSAT-NA (WJ9F)

So how do you configure MixW 2.03 (http://tav.kiev.ua/~nick/mixw2/) to
receive AO-16 from a brand new CLEAN install?

o	Download the MixW203 and extract the files to a clean directory

o	Run the MixW2.exe program

o	First time you run it you'll be asked for personal data - enter Call,
Name, QTH, Locator and any other details you choose.

o	Configure -> Soundcard Settings, select the soundcard you use and check
Full Duplex is selected

o	Mode -> Packet, selects the packet mode

o	Mode->Mode Settings…, General tab, select VHF 1200 packet (satellite PSK)
in the Modulator/demodulator type

o	Mode->Mode Settings…, Parameters tab, select Enable Full Duplex

o	Make sure Configure -> Disable Soundcard is NOT ticked

o	You should be able to receive data now

o	Experimental (I never got this bit to work) is the uplink. Mode -> Mode
Settings, Beacon/Monitor tab, Source call <yourcall>, Dest call CQ, Digis
PACSAT, Beacon text Hello from Howard, Enable Beacon

73 Howard G6LVB

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