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Suggestions for a new antenna driver

Bill Gravatt wrote:

Well, guys, hate to say it but I think i better get rid of my
KCTracker/Tuner board since I am afraid the days of ISA bus stuff are
Any suggestions /recommendations for an antenna interface /driver????. I
am using a G5500 az-el rotor system and I have Wisp and Nova and Station
although I have not configured Station yet.

Wayne replies:

One cheap and simple "plug and play" solution would be to use the Funkbox WinRotor32 which is sold by AMSAT-DL.  It's a cable with all the circuitry inside the parallel port housing.  One end of the cable plugs into your computer's parallel port.  The other end is a pre-wired DIN connector that plugs into the G-5500B.  The driver software version 2.6 works with Win 95/98/ME.  A version for WinXP is promised to be released soon.  The software uses DDE to "talk" to Nova, WiSP, SatPC32, or WinOrbit.

AMSAT-DL Warenvertrieb sells WinRotor32 for 79 Euros (about US$70).  I ordered one, but I haven't received it yet.  And I can't use it until the XP-compatible driver is released.



Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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