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Re: 10 db signal improvement on ao40 - free

Mal wrote:

As far as I know after discussions with VP2VI and KP2A over the years the
transmit gain advantage has never been formally quantified.  It seems to
make sense in that all the rf power is concentrated at one frequency on cw
while it is spread over the voice spectrum on ssb.  The two cw gurus agreed
this gaini must be at least equal to the cw receive gain.  Therefore, if I
double my ICOM's hypothetical receive gain of about 5db (due to the narrow
filter) one would arrive at 10db or about what I have been experiencing.

Wayne replies:

I think most of us have noticed the same thing.  CW signals can be perfectly readable when SSB signals are completely unintelligible.  I'm really glad to have a 400 Hz CW filter in my FT-847.  It makes a big difference for digging out weak CW signals.

I enjoyed our CW chat on AO40 last weekend.  My QSL card is in the mail.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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