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RE: TS-2000 & preamps

Hello Dave

> If you have a TS-2000, how are you powering and
> controlling your preamps?  I have to admit that
> my Icom's have spoiled me in that regard since
> they put the preamp power on the coax and switch
> it off at transmit.

Yes one of the few things they missed on this radio. I power my 2m, 70cm &
23cm preamps from a homebrew mast mounted controller box, and the 13cm unit
with an SSB electronic DCW 15 SHF sequencer.

> Anybody using a second 144-28MHz. converter to
> connect their Mode S downlink to the HF receive
> antenna port on the 2000?  If so, are you tweaking
> the 28MHz. unit for less gain or putting an
> attenuator in the line?

Yes - no more tears over blowing up your downconverter by transmitting into
it. I have to find other ways to blow them up now, and believe me there's
many other methods ;-)

I picked one ex-Microwave Modules downconverter up for USD8 at a hamfest,
and 'luckily' it has a deaf front end as I think the Gaasfet's blown in it.
I found another at a dealer second hand for $35 which works well as it has
pots to deafen it and change gain without resorting to attenuators.

73 Howard G6LVB

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