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Re: Uo22 NOT digipeated

Hi Mineo,

> UO-22 did not degipeat via UOSAT5,
> although it once digipeated in Sep 2001.
>   Uplink   : 145.900/975 MHz, FSK
>   Downlink : 435.120 MHz, FSK
>   Up Speed : 9600 bps

Try using the 145.975 MHz uplink.  According to Chris Jackson the
other one gets deaf when the onboard temperature exceeds a certain
threshold.  UO-22 is currently in a dawn-dusk orbit that leads to
increased temperatures.

This is rather unfortunate for the Stanford University/KE6JAB-1 WX,
which was deployed in Antarctica during January 2001.  UO-22 relayed
its data to the SANAE IV base (also in Antarctica) until it became deaf a few 
days ago.

You should of course appreciate that UO-22 has far exceeded its
design life.  It wasn't designed for such an unfavourable orbit.

73 de ZR1CBC, Johann.

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