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Results of my questions RE; Tiungsat,Symek gear, etc.:For neophytes interested in the high baud rate birds- 38.4k

A week or so ago, I posted a question regarding the above since I was
interested in going up to the 38.4 k birds and I was curious as to the
results achieved by  some of the hi baud rate bird gurus on the BBS. This
is my attempt to summarize what I found out in hopes that it will help
other beginners.

1.) The present outlook is a little bleak since TIUNGSAT is currently the
only bird working at the 38.4k baud rate but it IS downlinking pictures
although not as good a quality as was the  UO36 pictures. But who knows
what the University at Surrey has up its sleeve. You have to believe that
future satellite baud rates will most likely get higher

2.) Whether or not you are interested in the single modem tnc31s or its
big brother dual modem tnc3s by SYMEK, the consensus was that the gear is
excellent and that SYMEK's people are great to deal with.

3.) SYMEK makes a combo modem 38.4k down/9.6k up for the single modem
slot tnc 31s. The problem is that this modem will not RECEIVE at 9.6k. If
you want to work  UO22  then you have to buy a separate 9.6k baud modem
card to receive & transmit. You have to open up the case of the 31s,
remove the modem card you have in there in there and insert the next
modem card. 

4.) The surgery required to modify the FT 847( which I own) and for that
matter probably most present day satellite transceivers is pretty
straightforward . The SYMEK web site tells you what hardware is required
to increase the transceiver IF bandwidth for the high baud birds. They
have the circuits to do just that and they even have transceivers you can
buy and use without modifying your rig.

5.) One responder told me that he had good results using some MOTOROLA
EVM 56002 boards. I tried Ebay and some other sites but had no luck in
locating them.

6.) What did I decide--well after much head scratching and thinking, I
ordered the SYMEK tnc3s (dual modem) and the ifd  for converting my FT
847's IF. You have to buy the IFD no matter which tnc you buy for the
38.4k birds. My rationale for the dual modem TNC3S ??---more convenience
and flexibility, AND March 9th is my 62nd Birthday----you only make one
orbit in this life!!

Bill, W5PGZ  
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