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Experience with K3TZ patch (construction question)

Just curious what one would do in building the patch with one
of those N connectors with a bump on the back side...  The
height of the bump is almost as high as the distance between
the reflector and the active element.  I assume I need to put
a spacer between the N connector and the back of the reflector
in order to move the top of the bump to be flush with the front
of the reflector.  So the hole in the reflector would be about
a half inch in diameter, and not attached to the top of the bump.
The alternative would be a thicker spacer and a hole only big
enough for the center pin to pass through.  Probably have the
spacer just thick enough so the top of the bump contacts the back
of the reflector, but I don't know if that's a reliable connection
from an RF perspective.

What's the right answer?

Greg  KO6TH

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