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Re: R: Experience with K3TZ patch -> updated webpage [LONG]

Sorry to answer Tim's message, but the interesting thing about this design 
is to flip it from RHCP to LHCP, or LHCP to RHCP, all one has to do is 
unsolder the top plate (patch) and flip it so the top side is down and the 
bottom side is up, and resolder.  Then the "truncated corners" are 180 
degrees out of phase from the former case, and the wavefront rotation will 
be induced in the other sense.

It's been awhile since I've seen K3TZ's site, but if it is like (and I think 
I remember that it is) the 7N1JVW patch, as shown it will be LHCP for a 

If I ever get a website back from my @#$@#$ cable modem provider, I'll post 
a translated copy of 7N1JVW's original site.   Then again, does anyone out 
there know a webhosting company that charges less than $7.77 a month?

Fred W0FMS

>Hi Tim,
>It would be very important to know if your patch by himself radiates LHCP 
>RHCP because to receive the RHCP AO40 signals a parabolic dish requires an
>LHCP feed.
>Thank you for this information.
>73 de i8CVS Domenico

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