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Re: [bod] Re: MAROC-TUBSAT -- a review

At 02:11 PM 1/24/02 -0500, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, RaySoifer wrote:
> > As always, you're entitled to voice your opinion, which I've always
> > considered worth listening to even though I may not agree.  I fail to see,
> > however, what possible good can come to amateur radio from having a strong
> > FM signal on 144.1 MHz.
>But, as of today, I thought it was gone?
>I think most of us at one time or another have made mistakes in HAM
>radio (Several years ago I left my PACSAT station once with the uplink
>tuned to the local  favorite voice repeater, until a team of DF'ers
>knocked on my door!...).  Fortunately we all knew each other and so it was
>a learning experince for us all...
>I agree, that the FM signal shouldn't be there, but I just suggest a
>cautionary approach until we find out more...  A simple call to the owners
>with a polite comment on the appropriateness of FM in the CW band might
>be sufficient.  Maybe the absence of the signal today is because they
>have learned of their mistake and have corrected it...?
>A knock-down-their-door approach until we know if the intent is malicious
>(I dont think so) does not leave us in a good negotiating position for
>what might come next?

I'd rather not take up the bandwidth of all of these mailing lists with 
what's becoming a repetitive debate, but three points should be made:

1.  The 144.1 MHz transmissions have not been heard for approximately 24 
hours.  I hope that means they're gone but it's far too early to declare 
victory.  We don't yet know why they stopped, or if they will resume.

2.  You mention mistakes you've made as a ham.  If I tried to do that about 
myself, there wouldn't be enough bandwidth in the world to accommodate them 
all.  But, from everything I've heard and seen so far, I have no reason to 
believe that any of the people in charge of MAROC-TUBSAT are hams.  Indeed, 
even the syntax they used in their Morse identifier ("VVV" instead of "CQ") 
was drawn from commercial radio procedure rather than amateur.  As far as 
we and our German colleagues are aware, they never made any attempt to 
contact any recognized amateur radio organization prior to launch, or 
afterwards.  There is, indeed, an IARU band plan in IARU Region 1, with 
which the operation of MAROC-TUBSAT on 144.1 does not fit.

3.  With all due respect, let me say again that I don't consider reporting 
interference to an IARU Member Society as a "knock down their door," "burn 
them" approach.  I, for one, trust ARRL and IARU to exercise the 
appropriate degree of discretion in handling these reports.  They've had 
many years of experience in these matters, and know what they're 
doing.  That said, it's still important that a documentary record be 
assembled of any non-amateur interference in our bands, for the reasons I 
outlined in my earlier e-mail.  With the help of those who submit reports, 
IARU is in process of doing that.

73, Ray

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