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RE: Transponder up time ? Response

Charles & bb members,
Well, one should never be too positive about anything. However, I use the
latest version on NOVA and the latest keps, and the latest Alat/Alon, so I
have a feeling that I am not to far off base. Today's example: February 19,
2002, Orbit 602 which is actually orbit 601 (the keps are historically wrong
by one orbit), had a squint of 16 at 17:02:11z, decreasing to 1 then back up
to 19 by 19:32:11z. That is a window of 2.5 hours of wonderful QSOs. An hour
into this window (approximately) the transponder was taken down per the
Most days at my home QTH, I take the total US pass regardless of squint and
auto-track for the telemetry archive, so I am fully aware of poor squint.
My point is only to broaden the availability of the bird during passes that
include favorable squints, in their entirety. It is not a big deal, just
trying to maximize the available good time for the benefit of users,
especially the new fellows that are just getting into AO40. With all the
options for peoples time these days it does not take much to drive off a
potential fan. It is like my day job, one bad story on the news and "CLICK",
they go to a different channel, then I have to wait for someone else to goof
up to maybe "click", get them back.
Just trying to get maximum top-of-the-mind awareness for the operations of
AO40, the most spectacular amateur radio satellite ever conceived.
Gunther Meisse
Amsat LM:594

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Are you sure you are calculating squint correctly?

I doubt you are experiencing wildly different squints to here, and with the
transponder on from MA 5 to 100, apart from the short beacon-only
break,   the transponder is on for a long time AFTER the squint has got so
bad you can't hear yourself on the downlink hardly, ie the transponder is
already on longer than anyone can use it!!



on the At 13:17 19/02/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Stacy and /or ground control stations:
>Is there a power constraint or other factors that require the bird to be up
>for such restricted periods?
>In my portable location here in FL and with the bird only providing limited
>favorable squints, it is a real kick in the head to be an hour through a 3
>hour favorable window only to have the transponder taken down.  If there is
>not a great reason to the contrary, couldn't the up schedule be predicated
>on reasonable squints, not MAs. I know that all portions of the earth plate
>do not see the same squints, but I think that we could open up much more of
>the pass if that was a consideration.
>Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
>Gunther Meisse
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