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RE: Experience with K3TZ patch -> updated webpage [LONG]

Hello all,

It's been nice to see the interest in the "K3TZ Patch".  I really appreciate
all of the emails I have received, and the help and encouragement from all
of you.

I would like to apologize to everyone for not getting my web page updated
with the latest information.  I have really been working massive overtime
for the last month, my computer motherboard smoked, and the list goes on....

Back to the subject at hand.  The "K3TZ Patch" is indeed circular.  Charlie
G3WDG, did some independent testing on his own and shared his results with
me.  After some discussion with him, I figured my test procedure was in fact

So I repeated the testing, with a few minor, but important changes, and
found the patch to be circular as well.

Charlie also found that the use of any spacer between the patch element and
reflector degrades performance significantly.  If you use a stiff enough
material for the patch element, you probably don't need the spacers anyway.

I also found that the use of a 1" high "cup" reflector (or scalar ring)
increased the performance of the antenna as well.  This was confirmed by
Jerry, K5OE.

The antenna can definitely use some improvement on its design.  However, as
it is, it works quite well, and much better than a helix feed (or so I've
been told).

In my very limited spare time, I am currently working on a new version that
has the center of the patch grounded.  This will improve the mechanical
stability, hopefully make construction a little easier, and help to bleed
off any static build-up on the patch to protect sensitive LNAs.

Again, I apologize for the very late update.  I know several of you have
suggested to me to at least update the BB while the web page is being
updated.  I should of taken your advise!!

Thanks again for your all of your emails!!!

Best 73,


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