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Oops - careful of those 'weather proof' preamps

Hello Folks

After a couple of weeks testing my station for 24x7 unattended receive
operation on the LEO's in particular PCSat, I had a sudden panic attack
about what the state of my 2.4GHz DB6NT preamp might be after the antennas
have been flipping over.

Sure enough, nothing was coming out of the preamp when the coax power was
switched on and off.

Took a trip onto the roof and to cut a long story very short I can asure you
that operating weatherproof preamps upside down outside is not recommended.

Lots of blue cupric compound all over the PCB and the DC feed PCB track had
actually fused.

Lots of TLC and an hour later: by luck it works again.

Because I'd left the station unattended with DC continually running up the
coax, and also let water get in from the antennas sitting upside down
(sometimes for some considerable time as the software 'helpfully' predicts
the antenna positioning for next pass), rain and electrolysis had done its

So it looks like I'm back to using plastic bags again.

73 Howard G6LVB

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