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Problems with OSCARLATOR web


I have tried to put my made OSCARLATOR charts on my webpage but I have some 

The problem is that when I download the charts, the sizes are not equal to 
the original. Later I found out that it happens when I convert them into 
another format then CORELDRAW format (Like JPG,GIF....)

The sizes are also dependent on the program that is used to print out the 
charts. (Eg Internet explore displays/prints the chars very huge !!)

I like to put the charts on my webpage, so everyone can download them and 
print them out without having size problems, and can print them out with 
"normal" used programs (Eg internet explorer, paint, etc..) when possible.

Who knows how I can do it the best way ?
Maybe .PDF will be good ?

73 de PE1RAH, William

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