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Re: AO-40 and KA3HDO in the news in GPS WORLD

Hi Folks ..

There is some posibility to get the article about the GPS on AO-40 ??
for the one that can't put the hands on this magazine, plis.....



Alberto LU2FGN

At 12:40 a.m. 17/02/02 -0500, you wrote:
>For those of you interested in the use of GPS onboard our spacecraft, I call
>attention to an article in the latest (Feb.2002) issue of GPS World. Pages
>22-31 have an article entitled "Formation Flying in Space". There are 5
>authors from NASA Goddard group headed by Frank Bauer, KA3HDO (including
>Frank!) and one from the Stanford (Jonathan How is a Professor in the same
>department as Bob Twiggs and his small satellite projects).
>Figure 1 of the article shows some AO-40 GPS results from the Trimble TANS
>Vector receivers that NASA/GSFC provided. [The data shown was laboriously
>downloaded thru RUDAK by WD0E and KB0G, by the way].
>[In addition to the P3D/AO40 Trimble receivers, the article also mentions
>GSFC's in-house PiVoT receiver which had its genesis in the receiver that
>Frank and I tried to develop for P3D back in 1994/5. When it became clear
>that our "home-brew" efforts wouldn't converge in time for launch, Frank
>arranged for the NASA experiment using NASA-supplied hardware.]
>For anyone interested in some of the applications of GPS on spacecraft, I
>urge you to read this article!
>73 de Tom, W3IWI
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