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910H on PacSat

For those interested in setting put the 910H to work with PacSats I was able
to get mine going this weekend.  Thought I would share the setup.  If you
have any questions feel free to email me.

I built a cable to use both of the 910H's Data ports.  Therefore I have two
separate 6 pin mini dins, one for the RX and one for TX (Main and Sub VFO),
on the rig end of the cabling.  I am running the rig in Satellite mode with
the downlink in the Main VFO and the uplink in the Sub VFO.  For whatever
reason I have the two connectors reversed on the 910H based on where the
manual indicated the Main and Sub Data ports are.  Why this is I have no
idea, but it works fine.  And will not work the other way.

I use a Sprint-2 TNC and was able to turn the output gain down enough not to
overdrive the 910H.  The pot is just barely rotated off fully
counterclockwise to get the p-p voltage down low enough for the 910H.  FYI,
on my TNC all the way counterclockwise provides no signal.

Guess there is more than one way to skin this cat.  Good luck.


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