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Re[2]: Re: AO40RCV & FT-847

Hello Nando and the group,

Friday, February 15, 2002, 7:44:21 PM, you wrote:

FM>     Then would it be possible to use standard CAT cables and standard
FM> orbital prediction programs (WiSP, Nova etc.) IF tuning steps are kept
FM> small?
FM>     I can easily make WiSPDDE divide doppler corrections received from the
FM> orbit pred. app. into several small steps...

I think the main difference between controlling the frequency by CAT and the
way AO40Rcv it does by mic click is that AO40Rcv takes the criteria for
frequency control from the actual received signal and keeps it always at a
certain AF frequency, e.g 1500 Hz. While CAT control through a prediction
program supplies a theoretical frequency value which can have some offset
to the AO40Rcv method. So the AO40Rcv method is more reliable and does not
depend on keplerian elements or other influences but only on the actual
received signal.

 Reinhard (aka René)

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