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Symek T3 TNC and Tiungsat----questions

Hi Guys
I am relatively new at this stuff and so I need some recommendations from
some of you gurus out there.
I read Dr. Stacy Mills article regarding the 38.4k birds. Since UO36 is
kaput, is it worthwhile getting a high baud TNC  setup for just TIUNGSAT
?? Is there 38.4 kbaud ops in the offing for AO 40?If nothing else,are
there wx satellites with pix I can download at the higher baud rates? 
Next, seems to me that if I decide to go for that gear, I might consider
the Symek TNC3 vice the less expensive  TNC3S since there seems to be
more flexibility with the 2 modem config than the 1 modem config
respectively. Symek produces a 9.6kbaud up/38.4kbaud  down modem in one
package for the single modem TNC although Symek tells me that  that modem
will work just fine in the 2 modem TNC. I do already have a 9.6k up/down
modem in a mfj1270cq I bought for cheap off the Internet and it works
great with UO22.  
So, guess I am trying to figure out what will give me the best setup and
flexibility. If Symek doesn't make the combination  baud rate modem( like
9.6kup/38.4kdown that they make now for kaput UO36 and TIUNGSAT)  for any
future high but different baud rate bird but makes separate modems( eg
9.6k up/down and 19.2k up/down that could be used for a hypothetical 9.6k
up/19.2kdown bird) then you wouldn't be able to work any new high baud
rate  config with the single modem TNC. You are locked in only to any
future hi-baud bird that Symek makes a combo modem for. Life gets
So, anybody out there with 38.4kbaud experience (and/or Symek
experience), please drop me a line.


Bill, W5PGZ 
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