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Re: Starshine

About the message about the Starshine satellite I want to say that it is 
very nice that children helped to build this satellite, but what amateurs 
need is some more active satellites to make qso with.

I have seen several time space station MIR and ISS passing, but after 5 
times seeing this it was not something special anymore.

What you need to do is to invite these children that made the satellite, and 
let THEM enjoy their satellite. The amateurs who are interrested in seeing 
the Starshine, they already seen it several times.
When you take an simple tracking program, you can easiely predict when the 
satellite has to be visible. You have to look when the sun is under the 
horizon at your qth, and at the same time the satellite is in your range and 
in the sun light.

Many succes with watching Starshine,

73 de PE1RAH, William.

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