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Re: Starshine

> >Anyway, I just checked and by golly, we will have an overhead pass here in
> >Maryland in just 15 minutes at 1919 Eastern Standard time... with perfect
> >viewing conditions!...

William asked:
> Please post a report....  I have seen no replies [of other peoples
> successes]. So far only one of my group of avid satellite-watchers has
> seen a fleeting glimpse of Starshine-1.

Well, here is the rest of the story.  I was out playing dad's taxi and
noticed that there was just a trace of sunset left in the sky and realizig
that there was a star party, I delivered my kids to their appointements
and went back to my office to see if anything was visible.  Starshine was
making a direct overhead shot in 20 minutes!  Thus my excited post...

So, I go blazing out to the observatory with laptop in hand and then
slowly it dawned on me, that the time elapsed between seeing the last
vestiges of sunset, delivering the kids, going back to the office, and
getting to the observatiory ate up a good 45 minutes...

Duh... Starshine went into the earths shadow while only 10 degrees up
and we were blinded by 3 mercury vapor lights (and no BB guns).  SO I
quietly disappeard in the crowd and slipped back under my rock...

But I would like to see postings of good vis opportunities on AMSAT-BB.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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