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RE: AO-16 digipeat

Hello Wolf

> Who is running a PACSAT-gate (feed into inet) in Europe? Uplink should not
> be a big problem, but downlink is a bit more difficult.....
> Is there a soundcard solution available?

I believe that the latest MixW32 V2 supports the BPSK 1200bps downlink and
may also support the MFSK uplink although I never tried the uplink.

Nearly a year ago I did some testing of the pre-release MixW32 V2.0 on the
BPSK 1200bps downlink and used Douglas KA2UPW's UPW program
http://members.aol.com/dquagliana/upw/ on the uplink. I successfully
digipeated packets on AO-16 but using two different packages was not the
most elegant solution!

You may wish to try MixW32 to see if it will do both uplink and downlink

73 Howard G6LVB

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