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Re: Re: AO40RCV & FT-847

Hallo  and the group,

Thursday, February 14, 2002, 8:31:08 PM, you wrote:

EWW> The AO40RCV up/down Doppler tuning only
EWW> occurs BETWEEN telemetry blocks.

If you select 20 Hz stepsize under Rig Control and if you have selected a
small stepsize with your radio, then tuning is continously.

Please refer to the AO-40Rcv helpfile where is written:

<If the specified step size is less than 20Hz, the doppler shift is
<compensated continuously. If the step size is greater than 20 Hz,
<it is only changed during the sync search phase of the signal.
<Use the smallest step size you can because the larger the step size,
<the more likely the data will be corrupted when it steps.

This works very well in my setup. I'm using a YAESU FT-290RII which has
smallest tuning step of 25 Hz. The Doppler compensation with mic click
works very reliable. I can leave the radio unattended and can start
telemetry reception at AOS in the middle of the night. I calculate the
beacon frequency for the time of AOS and set the frequency of the radio
accordingly on standby. When the satellite occurs over the horizon the
FT-290RII will fetch the signal and is starting telemetry reception.

 Reinhard (aka René)

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