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Re: Re: AO40RCV & FT-847


Sorry for the confusion. My question really should have asked if there is a
"single" solution for the FT-847 which can handle Doppler correction for both
telemetry and transponder operation.

As far as transponder operation, and since I own a G5500 rotor, I'm leaning
toward Uni-Trac because from what I understand, it can be used with Nova for
analog satellites or Wisp for digital satellites to tune the Doppler and be the
interface to move my G5500 rotor.

As far as AO40 telemetry, it looks like I may need to use the mike up/down
interface to perform Doppler correction with AO40RCV.

I'm still hoping for a "single" solution, but I understand what you are saying
about the tuning issues during the telemetry.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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Don Woodward wrote:

I just got a computer in my shack and I'm wondering what setup other FT-847
users are using to do auto Doppler correction - I.E. Cable, etc.

Wayne replies:

The message body suggests a different question than the message title.

If you are asking specifically about AO40RCV, as the title suggests:

AO40RCV can tune your FT-847 using the up/down tuning lines on the microphone
connector.  The AO40RCV help file shows a simple 2-transistor interface circuit
and the wiring connections for the computer's serial port.  The FT-847 manual
shows the up/down pins on the microphone connector.  I haven't done it yet
myself, but several others have.  Perhaps they could share their advice about
how to configure it. For instance, do they put the FT-847 in "fast" tuning mode
so that each up/down tuning increment is 10 Hz?  How many Hz off-frequency do
they let the signal get before AO40RCV applies a tuning pulse?

If you are asking about auto Doppler correction for satellite transponder

Satellite tracking programs such as InstantTrack+InstantTune, SatPC32,
Nova+W6IHG Radio Tuner, and WiSP+WiSP DDE can Doppler tune via a direct serial
connection to the FT-847 CAT port.  That works great for transponder operation.
But it's not good for telemetry decoding because tuning would occur in the
middle of telemetry blocks, resulting in decode errors.  The AO40RCV up/down
Doppler tuning only occurs BETWEEN telemetry blocks.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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