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Re: Fodtrack wiring

Hi Cliff, Fred!

There are two standards for numbering the pins on DIN connectors. I
don't know which is the "true" one, but I have seen connectors with pin
numbers printed on them that don't agree with each other. For that
reason I used the pin numbering printed on the connector I used, and
drew the pin layout right on the schematic, to keep people from using
the other standard and getting a wrong setup.

If you connect the wires as shown in the diagram, it will work
correctly, even if Yaesu used the other pin numbering standard.

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>If you follow the 
>FODtrack pinout with the pin diagram supplied for the connector on the
>FOD schematic, it is identical with the pinout that Yaesu uses with the pin 
>diagram supplied in the G-5500 Manual.

Exactly. So, use the schematic as provided, close your eyes to the very
existence of the other numbering standard, and it will work.

>OK, this is confusing.

Yes. I can't help it! The world is full of connectors with different
numberings printed on them!

>I don't know why he ever did that.  

I did not invent any of the two standards...!

>Ruined the first connector because of that...

Sorry. But if this comforts you, I damaged some equipment one time when
I wired a connector as stated in a diagram, and believing in the pin
numbers printed on the connector. Needless to say, the schematic and the
connector were using differnet standards.

> There is a small note in the docs somewhere about it, but it wasn't 
obvious until I destroyed DIN #1!! 

As they say: Read the manual! :-)

Probably you have already noticed that the greatest thing about
standards is that there are so many to choose from! :-)

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