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OSCARLATOR charts interrests ?

Hi William,

I do believe there would be some interest and would suggest you do post it to
your web page.

Regarding the EQX data - perhaps something along the lines of free data from
NASA's J-track javascript program would be of use to you?


Perhaps others also have suggestions...

73 OM de Lowell, K9LDW

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On 2/14/02 at 10:05 PM William Leijenaar wrote:

>Maybe some amateurs remember my questions about some system to track 
>satellites without any computer use.
>Some amateurs told me about the OSCARLATOR system. It is before my time of 
>amateur, and it was out ouf my sight, but David Zatopek send me some
>of oscar-9 and RS30.
>After some trying I found out how the system works, and I started to find 
>out how to update it with newer sats. Now I found out how to do it, and I 
>already have made charts for FO-20,29 and AO40 !!
>I checked them, and the system works very good. Even for the Ao40 !!!!
>It did cost me many work, to calculate, draw, and test the charts.
>I would like to know if there are some more amateurs interrested in this 
>system ? Maybe I will put my charts on my webpage.
>Then I have some question: To use this OSCARLATOR system, EQX data is 
>needed. I like to put some "EQX calculation" program on my web-page to 
>support the OSCARLATOR system for amateurs who are travelling. They have
>PC to calcullate the needed EQX, but maybe they can visit an internet 
>When I have such system, then they have acces to new EQX data in short
>and can go on for several weeks with the new EQX data, without having some 
>special EQX program on floppy disk with them.
>Is this possible ?
>73 de PE1RAH, William

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