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OSCARLATOR charts interrests ?


Maybe some amateurs remember my questions about some system to track 
satellites without any computer use.

Some amateurs told me about the OSCARLATOR system. It is before my time of 
amateur, and it was out ouf my sight, but David Zatopek send me some copies 
of oscar-9 and RS30.

After some trying I found out how the system works, and I started to find 
out how to update it with newer sats. Now I found out how to do it, and I 
already have made charts for FO-20,29 and AO40 !!
I checked them, and the system works very good. Even for the Ao40 !!!!
It did cost me many work, to calculate, draw, and test the charts.

I would like to know if there are some more amateurs interrested in this 
system ? Maybe I will put my charts on my webpage.

Then I have some question: To use this OSCARLATOR system, EQX data is 
needed. I like to put some "EQX calculation" program on my web-page to 
support the OSCARLATOR system for amateurs who are travelling. They have no 
PC to calcullate the needed EQX, but maybe they can visit an internet 

When I have such system, then they have acces to new EQX data in short time, 
and can go on for several weeks with the new EQX data, without having some 
special EQX program on floppy disk with them.

Is this possible ?

73 de PE1RAH, William

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