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Cheap Yagi Antennas for VHF/UHF: experiences?

Hi all,

I want to construct a UHF cross yagi for 70cm AO-40 ops. the Yagis on
the website of Kent Britain, WA5JIB


are quoted with something around 12dbi for the 435 MHz Amsat Versions.
Has anyone experience with this antennas? particulary the quite 'flat'
and unconventional driven element seems funny to me.. I have NO
experience on Yagi design..

How much ERP do you need for apogee?

73s Achim, DH2VA


    Achim Vollhardt
    Universitaet Zuerich
    Physik Institut, 36H24
    Winterthurerstrasse 190
    CH-8057 Zuerich
    tel: 0041-1-6355742
	0041-1-6355704 (fax)
    email: avollhar@physik.unizh.ch

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