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Satellite Radio Info.....

Hi all,

OK, it's not amateur satellite related, but it IS satellite related.

I am looking at purchasing one of the new satellite radio systems for your
car.  The two providers here in the US are XM Radio and Sirius Radio.

I am wondering if anyone knows what identifiers these birds have and if keps
are available anywhere for them.  Sirius talks about there birds (they have
3) being in a highly elliptical orbit which gives them a figure 8 pattern.
Sounds like a Molinya orbit to me.  XM says they have two birds, but doesn't
say if they are geosynchronous or eliptical.

So I'd like to get some keps and plot the orbits.

Also, if anyone has any comments about either company one way or another,
I'd appreciate that.

Since this isn't really ham related, please e-mail me directly and not to
the list.

Thanks es 73,


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