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Re: [aprssig] Re: Pos Limit in the TH-D7A(G) and Satellites

At 19:46 12-2-02 -0500, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>THus the HT user will only see "locals" and when an APRS satellite is in
>view  (Although it may be 800km away) it is also LOCAL!  Too bad this
>exception for satellites was too late for the 700E.  I think it is not
>that way in the D700 either...  Only the D7(g) has this special exception
>for satellites.

I did some tests with my TH-D7E (V2+). What I see is:

1) Positions out of range - regardless if of the packet type (positions, MIC-E, objects) are all shown with P> and not listed. An object with a satellite icon is NO exception.
2) Packets from station who's position is not known (status, Ultimeter strings, objects) are shown - the TH-D7 just doesn't know if it should be displayed so it does to make sure.

So it looks like the special handling of satellites does not apply to the TH-D7E. My guess is that the TH-D7A also does not have this.

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