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Re: AO-40 question.

>Yes, it is a bunch of BS about nothing.  I simply said I misstook the "~"
>for a "-".  no more no less... no big deal...
>Then Frederick M. Spinner wrote:
> > Bob, you are an engineer, you should know this.. tilde is often used for
> > "about equal" when on a computer.
>Which I found demeaning.  To which I then explained to him that I do
>perfectly well know what a tilde means

Geeze, Bob have a sense of humor about it, will ya!  You didn't repeat the 
"you should have used LARGE FONTS" and the smilie face I added to it in your 
"demeaning" reference.  My reference to it was a tounge-in-cheek remark.  
Usually a remark with a smilie face after it is meant to be humorous.  Come 
on, Bob, your an engineer, you should know that :O)

Does that mean you don't want me to work on a 10m SSB receiver for your 
PSKsat project anymore?  Not that I've had time to do much more than a paper 
design on it yet, anyway.

Fred W0FMS

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