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Re: AO-40 question.

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, kgshutt wrote:

> Bob, Fred
> Using a "~" for about or approximately seems perfectly appropriate to me.
> Is this cluttering up the reflector with inane chatter? (sic)

Yes, it is a bunch of BS about nothing.  I simply said I misstook the "~"
for a "-".  no more no less... no big deal...

Then Frederick M. Spinner wrote:
> Bob, you are an engineer, you should know this.. tilde is often used for
> "about equal" when on a computer.

Which I found demeaning.  To which I then explained to him that I do
perfectly well know what a tilde means and then why I used the rhetorical
"why a tilde" in my original question.  If he would look up rhetorical in
the dictionary, it means a question for consideration for which the answer
is already known.

Let me make it perfectly clear:
I dont have any issue whatsoever with the presence of a "~" to mean

This thread is total a waste of everyone's time!
Including emails such as yours and mine that continue it...


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