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Re: AO-40 question.

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, Reinhard Richter wrote:

> You will always find actual ALON/ALAT data on the webpage www.amsat-dl.org.
> Look for AO-40 Update. ...
> So it might be ~317/4 for today.

Why the tilde character in front? "~".  It was not until I saw this this
morning and then was thinking to myself that I wonder if -317 is the same
as +43 degrees... then I looked closer and realized it was a tilde and not
a minus sign.  I guess I have had it wrong all along...

Having eyes over 40 is a curse...

And I think now that INSTANTRACK version 1.52 takes those numbers directly
now as written and gives the correct answer.  No reply needed if
afirmative. (as long as you dont missread the ~ as a - as I have been

Bob, wb4apr

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