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Re: AO-40 question.

Hello Michael,

Monday, February 11, 2002, 11:57:15 PM, you wrote:

MPO> My question is, the first thing I looked for was ALAT/ALON.
MPO> Can't find it in the data.  Am I blind?  Is it only sent every
MPO> now and then, and she didn't catch it?  (I will catch it if
MPO> I tell her she didn't catch it  <grin>)

You will always find actual ALON/ALAT data on the webpage www.amsat-dl.org.
Look for AO-40 Update. I'm taking care of this update and put always the
latest available data on that page. However, the latest data are from
01.02.2002 with ALON/ALAT ~305/4
with the additional remark "slowly increasing ALON 1deg/day."
So it might be ~3017/4 for today.

 Reinhard (aka René)

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