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Re: AO-40 question.

On 11 Feb 2002, at 23:57, Michael P. Olbrisch wrote:

My question is, the first thing I looked for was ALAT/ALON.
Can't find it in the data.  Am I blind?  Is it only sent every
now and then, and she didn't catch it?  (I will catch it if
I tell her she didn't catch it  <grin>)

TIA for the answers.

Mike.  KD9KC

Hi Mike

Here what i got today:

  WPSKDEC 1.2b - AMSAT-FRANCE Registred to VE2DWE
## AO-40 IHU-1 Telemetry Display - OE1KIB, OE1VKW, F1HDD, XTOPHE ##
M  QST AMSAT OSCAR-40   &                           2002 Feb 01 
     ALON/ALAT ~ 305/4, slowly increasing ALON 1 deg/day.        
       *** See N-block for schedule. NOTE: MB->S2/KTx  ***       
                        Middle Beacon OFF during RUDAK ***            
          The AO-40 team would like your telemetry files!        
 Please "zip" compress your daily telemetvy files and e-mail to: 

It was in the stream of data of AO-40 could be QRM or QRN happen each time the 
block was transmitted?             
Luc Leblanc VE2DWE (AMSAT 33583)
SITES WEB:http://www.sorel-tracy.qc.ca/~luclebla/
J3P 5N6

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