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Re: TVRO dish and AO-40

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Jason White wrote:

> ..."The Doctor is in" (page 51) about using a 10
> foot satellite dishes for AO-40. The advice given is that this isn't a
> good idea due to the difficulty of positioning the dish accurately
> enough with it's narrow beam width.

>     Should I abandon the idea of using the 12 footer for AO-40 and
> continue with my 90 cm dish? (The big dish will definately go up for
> TV anyways) Anyone else using their C band dish for AO-40? (Besides
> Bob, who offers photographic evidence- heh)

Don't take my word for it yet.  I got my feed installed and pictures taken
just after the AO40 command team started moving ALAT/ALON off boresight.
And my dish is on the roof and takes a 10 minute round-trip up there and
back.  I grew tired of going up and down and up and down.  THen it got
real cold.  NOw the offpointing angles are 60 and 70 degrees when I tried
today, and I made mods to my donwnconverter with a new xtal.  SO I hve not
found the bird since.  (ALso, I have rarely looked)..

I just have so many unknowns now, that I was not going to try again until
I can hear it again on my 1m dish so I at least can find the frequency...
and it gets warmer outside.

But I still think it will work great!.  But I sure wish I had two of me.
One in  the shack and one at the dish until I found the right offset.  Bob

The dish feed photos are linked as (photo1) and (photo2) in the paragraph
just before the SKY plot of the AO-40 and GEO ARC shown on:



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