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TVRO dish and AO-40

Hello list,

   While perusing the new issue of QST which arrived today, I came
across a question in "The Doctor is in" (page 51) about using a 10
foot satellite dishes for AO-40. The advice given is that this isn't a
good idea due to the difficulty of positioning the dish accurately
enough with it's narrow beam width. The reason I ask is that I was
lucky enough to happen upon a nice 12 foot Channel Master dish on my
way home from the recent Orlando "Hamcation" ham fest and it's now in
my back yard. I was hoping to be able to use it not only for C/Ku band
television but for AO-40 by mounting my feed to the side of the C band
feed (as I saw on Bob Bruninga's website for his "APRS" portable AO-40
dish). I still have a 90 cm offset dish I was planning to use in the
first place, I just need to mount it so I can point it at the
satellite. It's small and light, so I just plan to point it by hand
using the pole mount that came with it.
   The idea of using that polar mount to follow the sat instead of
having to invest in pricey rotors is certainly alluring..Since this is
my first attempt, I'm trying to avoid situations where I'll be tearing
my hair out, however.
    Should I abandon the idea of using the 12 footer for AO-40 and
continue with my 90 cm dish? (The big dish will definately go up for
TV anyways) Anyone else using their C band dish for AO-40? (Besides
Bob, who offers photographic evidence- heh)

Jason White - N1XBP - EL88qi

p.s. - My new Transystem D/C arrived from K5GNA today.. woohoo!
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