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Fodtrack wiring

During the final stages of wiring up FODtrack version 2.6, noted what
might be an error or at least something that needs to be considered.
The Yaesu series of rotors equipped with DIN connectors for control, has
these pin assignments for the DIN connector:
1.  elev indication   0-5 VDC
2.  right  CCW rotation
3.  elev UP
4.  left CCW rotation
5.  elev DOWN
6.  horizontal indication 0-5 VDC
7.  15 VDC from rotor control box
8.  ground

FODTRACK has nearly the same assignments with the exception of:
6 through 8
6.  ground
7.  Az indication 0-5 VDC
8.  15 VDC from rotor control box

Normally this is not important but we are outfitting for a universal
CUBESAT system in which equipment can be interchanged.  I assume most
simply make changes satisfying the Yaesu pin connections rather than those
shown in FODTRACK drawing FODTRK22.sch
Cliff K7RR

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