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Space 2002 Conference

>I've not attended but am told this one has a heavy military presence and 
>lots of really big sat stuff.  If you want to learn more about remote 
>sensing and large satellite hardware this might be the place.  Lots of 
>vendors but they are the large aerospace companies.
>The conference of choice for the small sat crowd is the Utah State 
>University Small Satellite Conference in Ogden, UT.  Everyone who is 
>anyone in small satellite attends.  Lots and lots of papers.  A decent 
>vendor turnout.  This year it's Aug 12 - 15.  Theme is 'Breakthrough 
>Technologies", missions and sensors.  Lots of papers from 
>Universities.  There is also a student paper competition that brings out 
>some interesting ideas.
>There are always a few AMSAT folks there often representing the companies 
>they work for, some on there own, some representing AMSAT.
>See www.sdl.usu.edu/conferences/smallsat for details.
>>Hi All,
>>  I just read about the upcoming SPACE 2002 Conference in Albuquerque,
>>It's an International Conference and Exposition on
>>Engineering,Construction, Operations and Business of Space.
>>  I was wondering if anyone has attended any of the previous conferences.
>>Is this something that would be of interest to the average AMSAT member
>>who has an interest in space? Or would it be directed more to the
>>professional folks?
>>  It'll be held on March 17-21 and will be held in conjunction with
>>ROBOTICS 2002. Check out the following:
>>  Any comments will be appreciated. 73 de Doug KA8QCU
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