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Satellite Software

Good day all.

As I survey the options available to those of us interested in satellite
APRS operation, the problem of repetitive station configuration changes
becomes an issue.

If I want to routinely or automatically work PCSAT, ISS, Opal, UO-22 &
Sapphire, then I basically only need 1 dual-band radio & a 1.2k / 9.6k baud
TNC. For the sake of discussion here, let's assume the Kenwood TH-D7A(G)
and the TM-D700, since the RF & TNC sections of both radios are PC

Thanks to the hard work of Bob, WB4APR, we know that some of the above
orbiting facilities can be worked successfully with a 1/4 wave mobile
antenna. Others require a more sophisticated antenna system. For the purpose
of this discussion, we will concentrate on those facilities workable with
the 1/4 wave antenna.

The problem is one of changing the configuration of the radio/TNC
combo for each pass. Sometimes only a frequency change is necessary &
other times a change in Unproto path & RF band is required. The
Programmable Memory (PM) feature of the D700 is useful.
However, the D700 still requires user intervention to select the correct PM
when a different satellite is in view.

In the area of my QTH, the 144.390 terrestrial infrastructure is virtually
non-existent. I operate a backyard digi only because there does not seem to
be enough interest in the local ham community to build-out the terrestrial
APRS network. An individual ham acquiring rights to a prime digipeater
location is virtually impossible. I know, I have tried. So, that only leaves
me with the satellites to work with.

Here is my question: Is there existing PC software (preferably
Win OS), that will automatically change the RF frequency (145.825 & 145.800
for example), band (V or V & U), baud (1.2k or 9.6k), etc. when a different
satellite comes into view?

As I see it, the above mode of operation would allow the satellite APRS
operators to have an almost seamless APRS satellite network, with only small
breaks in satellite coverage.

What about it, folks? Any ideas?

de Ken
EM22 - NE Texas

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