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Digital Sat status Jan 28-Feb 5

UO-11    145.825MHz  1200bps   FSK : Good beacon
UO-11   2401.500MHz  1200bps   PSK : Only carrier continuously
AO-16    437.025MHz  1200bps   PSK : Very strong signals
LU-19    437.125MHz  1200bps    CW : Very strong telemetry
FO-20    435.795MHz  1200bps    CW : Only monotonous carrier
UO-22    435.120MHz  9600bps   FSK : Good Broadcast signals
KO-23    435.175MHz  9600bps   FSK : Only metallic sound
KO-25    436.500MHz  9600bps   FSK : Good Broadcast signals
FO-29    435.795MHz  1200bps    CW : Good CW telemetry beacon
TO-31    436.925MHz  9600bps   FSK : Not heard
GO-32    435.225MHz  9600bps   FSK : Heard at KISS mode
SO-33    437.910MHz  9600bps   FSK : Good telemetry beacon
UO-36    437.400MHz 38400bps   FSK : Not heard
OO-38    437.100MHz  9600bps   FSK : Good telemetry beacon
AO-40   2401.323MHz   400bps   PSK : S2 beacon strongly
SO-41    437.075MHz  9600bps   FSK : Not heard (unknown)
SO-42    436.775MHz  9600bps   FSK : Not heard (unknown)
SO-43    145.820MHz  9600bps   FSK : Not heard
PCsat    144.390MHz  1200/9600 FSK : Good telemetry beacon
PCsat    145.825MHz  1200/9600 FSK : Good telemetry beacon
Sapphire 437.100MHz  1200bps   FSK : Only carrier per one minute
TiungSat 437.325MHz 38400bps   FSK : Operational

Name : Mineo Wakita / JE9PEL, JAMSAT member
Mail : ei7m-wkt@asahi-net.or.jp
URL  : http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/
QTH  : Yokohama Japan, GL:PM95TJ
Date : Feb 9, 2002
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