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Re: Re: [aprssig] Re: DOS 6.22 disk 1 - anyone have it?

Gentlemen, Ladies,

First off lets put the facts on the table. Microsoft has invented very few
products and technologies. They are little more than McDonalds. They
take someone else's meat, pickle's and buns and call it a McDonalds

In 1988, Judge White ruled in the Apple v. Microsoft case that Apple
brought against Microsoft which argued that Microsoft stole the GUI
from Apple, that Microsoft was NOT guilty of the charges brought by
Apple because Apple ALSO stole in GUI from Xerox's PARC (Palo
Alto Research Center). Case dismissed due to the fact PARC never
patented the technology.

IBM was to meet with one President of Digital Research in Monterey
California. Mr. Kildare was so upset he was flying his airplane and
missed the meeting with IBM to license their OS so call DR/DOS.

Seattle computing company, aka Microsoft saw an opening and jumped
on the IBM deal. Microsoft "found" an OS called DOS and Microsoft was

A gent named Dave was heading east to Redmond Wa. one early day in
the 1980's and stopped by a University called CMU. He found an object
oriented OS called Mach.

Dave landed in Redmond and low and behold a new OS appeared called
NT. Funny, it looked just like Windows 3.11 (see Apple lawsuit) built
on top of MACH.

A bunch of developers were hacking applications called Office, and they
needed to "share" or link one doc with another. They called it, Object
Linking and Embedding (OLE). IBM recently took the right to the patent
back hence Microsofts need to use XML in .NET. Oh and some of you
thought they invented that!

Oh yes, how can I forget, the ability to "browse" servers and other networked
machines running Windows was intially done with NetBIOS. Its still in use
today. Ooops, NetBIOS is invented by Sytek computing. Sorry Bill lovers.

Remember when we all needed more disk space on those small hard drives?
Ahhhhh yes, the old DOS 6.22 disk compression utility. Oppps, there goes
those Microsoft biggots memories again. A small company here in San Diego
won a lawsuit because Uncle Bills team stole yet another piece of technology
from STAC electronics.

If you like, I could keep going, fact is, Microsoft is a convicted felon. 
They have
violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The used their dominant position on the
desktop to drive competition out of the market. We are now in the remedy phase.

Case closed.

Ok Mr. Ford man, let me put this question to you:

Say you bought a new FORD F-250, you drive that new puppy off the lot and
and head for the nearest gas station, upon arrival, you jump out, yank the
gas cap off the new FORD, you grab the gas nozzle and try to jam it in the
that new shinny F-250's fuel nozzle. IN WON"T FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You 
look up
on the pump and a sign says, SORRY, our nozzles only fit CHEVY trucks.

Would you be a bit pissed off?

Thank you for your time.


At 11:28 PM 2/3/2002, John Becker wrote:

>----- Original Message -----
>From: "John Vause" <jdv@iglou.com>
> > Why mess with M$DOS when there is DRDOS?
> > Not to mention violating Billg's licensing agreements.
> > Try:
>NEVER heard of DRDOS.
>And I will NEVER understand why some MUST do
>their part to undermine Microsoft and Bill Gates.
>There are on top for the same reason Ford is.
>They did it right the First time.
>John, W0JAB
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Michael Cobb
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"The only person you need to be better
than was the person you were yesterday!"


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