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Re: Re: [aprssig] Re: DOS 6.22 disk 1 - anyone have it?

I recall some 20 or so years ago Ford or Chevy (don't remember who now)
made a big change to their line because there was to many look-a-like parts
for their cars.

Never did see any of them "using their head for a hat rack and a sound
cavity for their voice box" (nice way to say left) type taking them to court..

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From: "Jim Jerzycke" <kq6ea@pacbell.net>

> Micr$oft still owns MS-DOS. DR-DOS (Digital Research DOS) is now owned 
> by Caldera. DR-DOS kinda hit a wall when Micro$oft deliberately changed 
> Windows 3.x just enough that DR-DOS could no longer be used as a base 
> DOS for an upgrade to Win3.x.
> Jim
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