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Portable Antenna - AO-40 Using the Aluminium Flashing

Hello, I refer to Bob's design for the "Aluminium Flashing" Dish...

The flashing is no problems to be able to get a hold of, I remember selling heaps of it when I worked at Bunnings(and also that lead/copper crap, god it was heavy!)...

How did people cut it into "wedges" as nicely as Bob did? Like with the big end and the smaller end?

What size bolts/screws etc were used to do this?

What could be used as "Spokes" ? and a Spoke Dish?

Has anybody in QLD got a proper "shopping list" for what half the stuff he talks about is actually called? Because as it goes mostly one Bunnings/Hardwarehouse is the 
same as the next...

Also, what kind of performance does this dish get? Anything decent or is it not worth building for the time/effort ?

Matt Donohoe

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