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Re: fiberglass boom

 I see this post from time to time. I finally remembered the name of the
company where I got my cross boom! I picked it up at AIN Plastics in
Lancaster PA. I got a 1.5 inch diameter 12 foot solid fiberglass rod for
something like $32.00. It has been up for over 5 years and , is just
starting to shed a bit, as the gel coat is getting a bit thin. When I
work on my 2.4 gig dish, I get a little bit of Fiberglas on my hands.
When I take mine down for rotor work or whatever, I plan on painting it
with black gel coat. Black, for better UV protection. If you paint yours
before you put it up make sure to sand it, and clean well with acetone,
before coating, as there is probably wax and mold release agent on it. 
This company is in several states, and will ship. I picked mine up
because I wanted a 12 footer.  


73 Jeff kb2m

> Jim, 
> The two that I know of are from M2 and "Max Gain Systems." The M2 is 
> sort of the "old" standard and it goes for about $150.00 on the market.
> Gain Systems sells a similar one that costs a fraction of what the M2 
> boom costs, but it requires painting to protect it from breakdown. 
> There are periodic (silly) arguments on [amsat-bb] about whether or 
> not you need to paint a fiberglass boom to protect it, but logic pretty
> dictates that it is wise to consider it... especially if your in an
> environment like I am, central Texas. Still, make up your own mind. 

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