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TrakBox help pse

HI all

After a long QRT (due moving to a new house)
I'm now rebuilding my ham station.
One of the items I'm currently working on is 
my TrakBox.
The unit was bought in second hand, but it 
didn't had the display, nor the "Sat switch".
About the switch, my friend Rafael (EA4RJ) 
was kind enough to "loan" me one of those 
miniature push buttons. Although it was been
working well the last  years, I would like
to replace it, not only to return it to the 
owner, but also because they aren't as 
practical as the rotary switches.
Looking at Farnell cataloge, they have 10
position BCD and 16 positions hexadecimal
switches (simple or complement).
So, what should be the proper one? 

About the display, although previously I 
have tried 2 diferent models, none work 
properly (most likely due wrong connections). 
Now I'm willing to do a 3rd try.
Farnell have several 2x16 LCD displays listed,
but I'm not sure if they are 100% compatible.
My choice will be probably the TRIMODS1535 
(TN, +5v dc only) Order Code 142-554. 
Anyone have experience with it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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